11 May

Thoughts. Just an insight to what i’m thinking… 

Well now I’m GCSE year, and my first exam is in 4 days. (second really, had one in January, but first of a big bunch)
I seem to be rather calm, I’m not sure why. I don’t know what to think of exams, I thought I had everything planned,  but not when I think of the future it’s all blurry and doesn’t make any sense anymore. I can’t choose what I want to do and what will be best, oh but then I think I’ll enjoy something else more then I think it may not be best. It confuses me so much and just makes my mind all fuzzy.  
But no matter what I do, I want two things, well three, but one will only happen if I have a good job or win the lottery.
1) I want to travel, I want to see the world.
2) I want a grand piano, black of course…. 
and 3) I want to be happy.

“The future lies before you, like paths of pure white snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.” -Unknown



Review – My Week With Marilyn

30 Mar

(I will now be doing film and book and anything else reviews, comment and ask for some 🙂 )

My Week With Marilyn.

A true story about young starting director Colin Clark. Gets a job as 3rd assistant director working on a film with Marilyn Monroe. The two end up becoming good friends, and as you guessed, he falls in love with her (I’m not completely certain she falls in love with him though..)~

A heart-touching film, that really makes me smile. The story is so wonderful, yet rather upsetting, but how Colin found happiness after explaining he was a disappointment to his family really gave the film the strangely happy feel about it.
The actress chose to play Marilyn Monroe stunned me. She caught the essence that was the reason people loved her so much (apart from for her breasts), the innocent and playful Marilyn, witty and charming and showing us that Marilyn Monroe was a real person.
Colin Clark’s diary shows a side to Marilyn the world never got to meet, and now in this film we do. We see behind the modeling, singing, dancing, actress, and we see a poor broken woman, who just wants to be loved, not left, and live freely. People are always telling her who to be and how to be, Colin Clark shows us how Marilyn needed help, and the real reasons she was on so many drugs.
In one scene Colin is told that she has been given pills to sleep, and the actor he’s also working with (who’s name I don’t remember) storms off in a rage talking about how she has pills to go to sleep, to wake up, to do bloody anything, and Marilyn’s personal assistant.. guy… tells Colin ”We keep her dosed up, she’s easier to handle.”
That scene really upset me. Someone as beautiful and talented as Marilyn Monroe may of been a handful of a person, but keeping her drugged up did no good.
Marilyn was married 3 times by the time she was 30. This story showed how upset she really was by this, and behind her lovely smile and wit, she really did care about those divorces and regrets quite a lot.

Overall I give this film 10/10 and it goes up in my top favourites. It’s a film that’s just so up-lifting and the fact it’s a true story gives an insight to Marilyn Monroe, who I now see as a person, not just the famous face she was known to be.

May she rest in peace 🙂

  “I have feelings too. I am still human. All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent.”

No one said.

12 Feb

We were raised to believe magic was real and life was great. No one prepared us for the let down life really is.

No one said that it got worse.
No one said that it got better…


4 Feb

Wishing. People wish for things they can’t have or do, things they could have or do. But where did this wishing come from?
Is wishing real? Can your wishes come true, how? It’s not god (if he’s real) because that would surely be praying then? How do wishes work is there a ‘bank’ of some sort somewhere with everyone’s wishes in it?
Or is it simply, luck? You wish for something and sometimes by luck it happens! But it was going to happen anyway even if you didn’t wish for it, but how will we ever know?
Wishes give people hope, I think, wishing helps them think that there is some chance of them getting or doing what they want.


“Time spent wishing could be time spent doing






31 Dec

Time. Often goes far to quickly, sometimes goes far to slow. But really it’s going at the same speed it always has been.
I think we really take our time for granted, or do we? But I do know that in day time in school, I think ”the day needs to be shorter!” but when I’m out with friends or having fun I think ”Not enough hours in the day!”
Time is most strange in dreams, it could seem like minutes, but you’ve been asleep for hours.
We should value every second we have, and do as much as we cant with it, because the thought of being on my death bed, looking back at my life, and all it is is school;university;married;grow old
I want to look back at my life, and see adventure;spontaneity;wonders a life that’s been lived to the full.
But in order to do that, I need to know that I really don’t have all the time in the world.

“Time flies when you’re having fun.”


18 Dec

Smile. It’s good for you, it will make you feel better, even if you don’t want to smile, it will make you feel happy.
You use less muscles in your face to smile, than you do to frown. So why waste your muscles on frowning?
People say they hate their smile, or wish their smile was different, or their smile is ugly. But it’s not is it? Everyones smile is beautiful, cause it means their happy, even if it’s just a little bit.


 “Smile, even though your heart is breaking. Smile even though you’re faking. Smile. “


4 Dec

Books. I love books, in my opinion they are better than films, cause even though you can’t see the actors or scenery you can make them up in your head, so if you have a vivid imagination, reading books is endless fun.
I don’t get how some people are like ”Reading is effort!” I feel like saying well no, it’s actually simply turning a page every few seconds… in fact these people tend to spend all day on facebook READING their news feed (which I find incredibly boring..) yet they can’t read an exciting, thrilling, loving, scary, funny book?

I hate E-readers. They’re not the same, although you can download them in a few minutes, I get way more excited having a new book.  But hey, different people have different opinions.

“You can only get the feeling of satisfaction and disappointment at the same time when you finish a fantastic book”

(Btw guys, I’m going to start uploading my own photography in my blogs, from my next one onwards ^_^ )